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Complete Central Heating Systems & Soloutions in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Murree, Nathiagali, Thandiani, Abbottabad, Haripur, Mansehra, Lahore, Peshawar & Pakistan.


Aluminium Radiators

Heatcom offering wide range of Aluminium radiators in islamabad. Aluminium Radiators are a stunning new edition to the future of home heating. An Aluminium radiator is well under half the weight of a normal radiator due to its 100% aluminium frame construction. An Aluminium radiator brings with it a hoast of superb benefits for your home heating requirements as well as the environment. The fast heat up times and low water content mean an aluminium radiator is well suited to renewable energy systems.

Steel Radiators

Heatcom offering wide range of stainless steel radiators in islamabad on economical prices. The knowledge that your radiator is protected from defects or corrosion, as well as longer guarantees leave you feeling as fine as the radiator itself. The world’s best radiator heatcom use world class materials, and there are few better than Stainless Steel. Heatcom Stainless Steel radiators offer the best of both worlds with a modern aesthetic as well as the fortitude and quality to stand the test of time. Whether the metal is polished to a mirror.

Fondital Boilers

Heatcom offers comprehensive range of fondital radiators, electric or gas radiators, furnishing and bathroom radiators, gas convection stoves in order too meet any and all technical requirements. Extruded and die cast aluminium radiators are ideal for renovation projects as they work at low temperature. Fondital boilers are also available at different power levels and meet the needs for domestic, civil and industrial heating. We are one of the leading suppliers on the market on an national level in the field of heating solutions


Welcome to Heatcom (Complete Central Heating Solutions in Pakistan.)

Heatcom specialize in installation, repairs and servicing of gas central heating systems in major cities of pakistan. Our installation team have many years combined experience fitting new heating systems into residential properties and commercial buildings including offices, and smaller shops and factory units. We can deliver a complete installation project from planning, advice on choice of boilers/radiators etc, all pipe work, and boiler fitting and testing. We also install underfloor heating systems a popular choice for living areas and conservatories. Once the installation is complete our service doesn’t stop there as we provide comprehensive after-sales guarantees and can offer a 24 hour maintenance support contract where required.

  • Solar Panels - Solar takes advantage of a free and powerful energy source the sun.
  • Ventilation Systems – At Heatcom, offer a wide range of home ventilation systems and products.
  • HVAC Systems – Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment perform heating and/or cooling for residential, commercial or industrial buildings.

  • Air Conditioning Services:

    Our technicians are equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment. This equipment helps us to maximize your system’s efficiency and make it faster and easier to diagnose the toughest HVAC problems. AC Repairing | Air Conditioners Repairing

    HVAC Ducting:

    Hvac Ducting Heatcom is the leading service provider of of HVAC ducting in islamabad, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Lahore, Peshawar and Pakistan.

    VRF Systems (Variable Refrigerant Flow):

    Heatcom VRF systems achieve extremely high efficiencies by modulating the flow of refrigerant according to the exact demands of individual areas, using innovative inverter-driven scroll compressor technology. The result? Integrated energy efficiency ratio (IEER) as high as 25.2, plus an average of up to 39% energy savings for some applications, compared to conventional HVAC systems. Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems deliver comfort where it’s needed, with increased zoning flexibility, efficiency and space saving design. The result is remarkably efficient performance that minimizes energy loss and makes optimal use of the system’s zone specific temperature control.

    VRF technology is part of an innovative, new indoor comfort system that can connect up to 40 fan coil units to a single outdoor condensing unit. Each fan coil unit can be independently controlled by varying the refrigerant flow, alternating the capacity being delivered to each zone.

    We are nationaly operated and proudly serve to all major cities of pakistan such as Islambad, Lahore, Peshawar, Sialkot, Abbottabad, Murree, Gujranwala, Azad Kashmir. If you have query related to our services or looking for a heating company near you? Just visit the Contact Us page.


Commercial Heating System

Heatcom provides the best commercial heating systems in Pakistan at the lowest cost. We are pioneered and leading expert in commercial heating.

Industrial Heating System

Heatcom provides the best Industrial heating systems in Pakistan at the lowest cost. We are pioneered and leading expert in Industrial heating.

Wall Mounted Gas Boiler

Heatcom offers a wide range of wall mounted gas boilers with a latest models and output to cope with all your heating and hot water requirements in Pakistan.

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